Continuation or cancellation of the lessons has to be announced when the sixth lesson of a lessons card is reached. Please notify us by addressing our staff or by sending us an email.

Please also use our email for requesting additionals lesson.
We do not charge any registration or diploma fees.
A lesson card is used and must be registered every time a lesson is used.
Purchased lessons are valid for a period of 12 weeks. (Public holidays excluded)
Refunds are not given on lesson cards.
After an unnotified absence of 4 weeks or more, the lesson card expires and a registration will be made unvalid.
Any absence must be reported by email or phone before the beginning of the lessons on Saturday.
Parents / guardians must read the regulations concerning the use and residence of the accommodation and during swimming lessons for safety and hygiene and liability knowledge. These conditions are on the backside of our registration form.
Periodically, a newsletter is distributed.