Welcome at Guppies Swim School

Guppies swim school is a small-scale swim school, wich teaches the ABC swim-diplomas to children starting at the age of 4½ years old. With experienced and qualified instructors, lessons are taught with a set maximum of five children per class.

The program as developed by Guppies swim school uses techniques, which include playfull ways to create a level of “trust” with the water. Here, enjoying how to learn to swim is essential. The modern and safe, yet cozy environment offers opportunities to children who can’t perform in an either busy or spacious environment. The small setup provides children a sense of safety and security.

Deep water swimming

The teaching style used by Guppies is based on “Deep water swimming”. After the basic phase, students will learn the techniques and skills whilst not being able to stand. With adjustable pool floors, the depth is set between 1.2 mtr. and 1.4 mtr. This setting allows the instructor to stand where the children cannot. In this environment, children are stimulated to swim. Herewith, our vision is to put as much labour and movements into a lesson as possible. More practice comes with a faster learning curve. Thus, optimising the learning process.